About samlowephoto

Hi there.

I’m Sam.

Since the days of Reaganomics, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, and Thomas Dolby blinding us with science, I’ve been in creative departments in ad agencies. You’ve seen my work over the years, you just didn’t know it was me. My work has persuaded and cajoled you to buy things you may or may not have needed or wanted, and the work may or may not have been in line with what you’d think an “artist” would do. But certainly, persuasion and seduction is an art, and it’s also big business.

As you may be painfully personally aware, however, your day job and your true self might not be the same person. And that’s certainly the truth for me. The corporate life and the creative life of an artist have always been at odds.

The real me finds himself happiest when he’s exploring stories, and their effects on us. Stories for me are as much unsaid as said, and that’s where the power of photography lies. Just like the beauty of old time radio dramas, what happens in the listener’s mind is where the magic happens.

I love the research aspect that happens before a shot is taken. And I love witnessing the reaction, after-wards. It’s not all just about “the shot,” but the psychology and culture that plays out as a result of the shot.

This blog! reveals what I’m thinking and experiencing as I blaze my path towards a life that is more spent creating these story images. I hope you’ll come along with me, and let me know how it all strikes you.

Thanks for reading, and viewing, and commenting.

Sam Lowe


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