I used to work with Anthony in the same agency. Trust me, what you read from him is just as if he was sitting across the desk from you: sharp, staccato, rat-a-tat-tat thinking. And this share is kinda what my whiny ass occasionally needs.

Textual Escapades

January is just about over and you might still be feeling all resolution-y and such. Or maybe just the opposite. Maybe you’ve already chalked your entire resolution list up as an epic fail and will simply wait until 2014 rolls around before you try again.  After all, sometimes it’s better to do nothing, right? It’s more prudent to let the cosmos sort everything out while you’re curled up with a bag of Doritos watching “Storage Wars” in your pajamas. Isn’t it?

Questioning that strategy as a successful, long-term game plan?

Tired of making excuses for yourself?

Wondering why you’re not 8,000% happy with every nook and cranny of your existence even though, compared to 65% of the rest of the planet, you’ve hit the “good life” jackpot?

Feeling all existential angst-y for no particular reason?

Been there.

Know a lot of people there, in fact. Smart, talented people who all…

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