The Latest Thing

It feels good to be thorough.

After my last set of client shoots, the portfolio is now up-to-date. I’m regularly contributing to my Twitter-feed. This week saw the launch of the first wave of e-mail marketing, with a significant 2nd wave planned.  A brand-new Linked-In profile, complete with a portfolio, also re-introduces this career creative director as a commercial photographer to my small host of former colleagues and their contacts.

And, like a good digital citizen, all of my online presences are cross-linked. In other words, I’m working my fingertips raw to insure that samlowephoto is really difficult to not find.

So…what’s next?

There’s a bunch of stuff on my photographic to-do list, including:

  • a concerted effort to target potential clients in the land of rocky coasts, tall pine trees, paper mills, and wine: Oregon
  • continuing to shoot images for a possible collaborative fine art exhibit, thanks to the acquaintance of 2 other photographers found at Trenton’s Art All Night 2010

Follow along here, and on Twitter. I’ll share as I go.

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